Congratulations! You have created a new start-up company. Feel proud of your accomplishment, hard work, and new endeavor. Bask in the good feelings and then get ready to dig your heels in and get started. You need to introduce your company and product to the world as effectively and professionally as possible. First impressions are very important to the success and longevity of your business. First impressions can be experienced by a potential customer in a number of ways: by the look of your company’s physical office building, by interactions with your employees, by your business cards, by your commercials and marketing efforts, and by your company’s website.

Potential customers are online.


More and more people are spending significant amounts of time online every day. Between using a computer for one’s job and one’s personal use, the computer and internet have become an essential part of life. Sometimes the first and only impression a potential customer has these days is a company’s website. People search for a product or service they need through the internet, click on a new website and form a first impression within a few seconds. As a result, it is very important to take the time to be thoughtful and create a website that best conveys the look and feel you believe will help give your customer base the best impression possible.

The internet is another place to market your start-up company.

Having a solid online presence is also important for any new start-up company because it will help reel in more business than other marketing avenues can muster up by themselves. Billboard, flyers, newsletters, and television marketing are useful, but online marketing presence through a company website is invaluable especially when you have access to the best free website builder. A business card allows a potential customer to have easy access to your information, how to contact your business, and where to find your product or service. A company website takes a business card to the next level. It allows customers the opportunity to purchase your product or service online. Depending on how the website is designed, it can also offer potential customers to reach online customer service representatives with IM chat windows, sign up for newsletters, take advantage of any coupons or sales opportunities, and much more. The limitless website design opportunities gives start-up companies many ways to help support their business, products, image, and other ways of expanding the reach and potential of a company.