Property surveys are important for anyone who wants to buy a home. A property survey is a process to confirm boundaries based on the legal description. It is possible to have your property surveyed any time, but some mortgages and states require a property survey to be acquired legally to set accurate agreement terms. Here are several ways to get property surveys.

Land surveyor

A land surveyor defines property lines. They have expertise in this area and use their education and skills along with specialized equipment to make legally binding surveys on properties. The process involves the comparison of historical records and existing data to define property lines. The findings of land surveyors are legally binding.

  • Property Deed

A property deed is a legal document used during the transfer of properties between a grantor and grantee. It contains essential information regarding the property, including restrictions, owner’s name, address, legal description, and tax map number. Also, most of them include details such as measurements.

  • Survey Records

Property surveys are filed with local governments in most states. But, there are no real estate records archived nationally. It is impossible to search for a property survey through the courthouse, property, or assessor’s office. All you can do is a manual check up on transfers and restrictions on the specific property.

Information regarding your property will help you get the survey required. Do not overlook property surveys because your asset will not come at a low price. It is a big step towards protecting your investments.