Things To Know About Personalized Number Plates

You may have noticed that there is an increasing demand for personalized number plates nowadays (numberplatesdirect). Most drivers want to customize their cars, and one way of doing this is to get a personalized number plate.

Gone are the days when personalized number plates are for the few elites only ( Before, it requires a large amount of money to change your car’s number plate. Today, with the many number plate suppliers out there, the price for personalized number plate became more affordable and competitive.

What Is Personalised Number Plates?

Number plates are unique. There shouldn’t be any two number plates precisely the same and used by two different vehicles. The number is assigned by the DVLA (Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency). Most of the time, these numbers don’t mean a lot to you except that it is your vehicle’s registration number.

With a personalized number plate, you get the freedom to choose from the many combinations available. You can combine numbers and letters to form words or dates that are highly significant for you. You can make a status symbol and a stylish statement through your number plate. The good thing is that buying a personalized number plate is very affordable nowadays. You can have the number plate that you want in as low as $300.

Personalized Number Plates Limitations

There are some limitations in choosing a number plate. You can’t just use all letters to spell out a word. You need to combine numbers and letters. What you can do is use numbers to represent letters. For instance, the number 3 can stand for letter E, and the number 5 can stand for the letter S. you should be more resourceful and creative to be able to come up with a good personalized number plate.

Another limitation is that you can’t just combine numbers and letters the way you want it to appear. There are some rules and standards set by the DVLA that you have to abide by. Some of the formats are dateless number registration with letters followed by a number or vice versa, suffix car number plate format, and prefix car registration format. Make sure to follow the rules and standards set by DVLA to avoid incurring fines or penalties.

Buying a personalized number plate is easy and affordable nowadays. As long as you follow the rules and standards of DVLA, you will be able to enjoy a more personalized number plate.